Curriculum Statement - Food and Nutrition

Powerful Knowledge in Food and Catering

Food and Catering is a broad and varied discipline that spans science, geography belief and values and functional mathematics. Food helps students to relate to cultures, both their own and others. It helps them to understand how nutrition affects their bodies and how to develop a sense of joy and creativity in cooking.

· Understanding the industry of hospitality and Catering and how it operates

· To engage with the current Macro and Micro factors that impact food supply and cultural interpretations of food

· How to question the environmental impact of food production and how use food waste

· An understanding of the main culinary skills and knowledge

· Make connections food, travel and cultures

· Explore Foods and flavours and develop skills in analysing and expressing opinions using culinary terminology and vocabulary.

Curriculum Features

· Developing cookery skills and techniques through deliberate and intelligent practice.

· To develop confidence in oracy and rhetoric, while forming opinions and an understanding of Hospitality and Catering needs throughout history and in today’s society.

· The Hospitality and Catering curriculum is vocational at its core. It directly likes to one of the largest industry’s in the UK that provides huge amounts of economic and employment benefits.

· To investigate ideas through a hospitality lenses. How do world events impact tourism?

· To explore foods, flavours and textures.

· To develop the ability to cook and follow a recipe


Co-curriculum Enrichment

We fully understand the power of learning outside of the classroom and where possible, we will seek opportunities for trips and clubs which will enhance students understanding of the subject. At KS3, students will, generally, participate in intra trust competitions, inter house competitions and electives in gardening and growing. In KS4 Students will participate in the Food Farming and Environment competitions and go on trips to visit local provision providers.