A Level: Media Studies

Course title: Advanced GCE in Media Studies

Exam board: Eduqas

Subject specific entry criteria: There are no specific grade requirements for Media Studies

Course overview

Over the two years, you will explore a range of contemporary and historical media products across a range of media platforms. They include texts from:

  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Computer games
  • TV drama
  • Blogs and online content
  • Music videos
  • Radio
  • Film

You will study a range of theorists and be expected to explore and challenge ideas about these texts from a critical point of view.

Throughout the course you will develop technical skill in the use of camera, lighting and editing equipment and in the use of Photoshop software to create a range of products. This will help to prepare you for the NEA coursework.

Cross media production

Students will be expected to produce a cross media production for their NEA. A new brief is set by the examination board each year, but in previous years, students have created a film campaign including a website, posters and DVD cover designs.

Assessment overview

Component 1 written exam

  • Media Products, Industries and Audiences
  • 2 hours 15 minutes
  • 90 marks
  • 35% of qualification

Section A: Analysing Media Language and Representation

This section assesses media language and representation in relation to two of the following media forms: advertising, marketing, music video or newspapers.

Section B: Understanding Media Industries and Audiences

This section assesses two of the following media forms: advertising, marketing, film, newspapers, radio, video games and media contexts.


Component 2 written exam

  • Media Forms and Products in Depth
  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 90 marks
  • 35% of qualification

Section A – Television in the Global Age

Section B – Magazines: Mainstream and Alternative Media

Section C – Media in the Online Age


Component 3: Cross-Media Production

  • Non exam assessment (NEA)
  • 60 marks
  • 30% of qualification

Based on a new production brief set by the exam board each year, you will be asked to research, plan and produce a cross media production. Briefs can include TV, Music promotion, Magazine production, Film marketing or website production. It must conform to a genre outlined by the exam board and fulfil the required industry and audience requirements.

Future progression

Studying A Level Media Studies will develop your critical analysis skills. This complements a range of degree and further education paths. The content of the course will develop some of the transferable skills that you may need to study: Communication, Media Production, Film Studies, Sociology, Art and Design, Business, Advertising, Marketing, English Literature and others.

Potential careers

A qualification in Media Studies does not limit you to traditional media careers like journalism and TV production. Whilst these are still exciting paths, most businesses require a media presence. As one of the fastest growing industries, new media careers are developing all the time. You could work in marketing, PR, social media, computer game design, radio, podcasting, advertising, TV, film, journalism, corporate video production and many more.

How to succeed in Media

You will need a critical, analytical mind. We want to see you develop your questioning skills as you question the purpose and impact of the media on the world around us.

Having a creative approach and technical flair will also benefit any students who take up the course.