Meet our SEND team

Within our SEND team, we have a SENDCo, SEND Lead, a number of specialist roles and Learning Support Assistants.  Our SENDCo and SEND Lead work alongside the Heads of Year and Heads of House to monitor student progress and will ensure that your children have every opportunity to become the best they can be. Our SEND Leads liaise with parents, students and outside agencies to make sure that reasonable adjustments are in place to allow students to be fully included and supported in every aspect of school life. 


Miss Marin Roman (SENDCo) works alongside Miss Alexander to coordinate SEND provision across the school and to be a key point of contact for students, parents and carers. Miss Marin Roman oversees provision across the school but works specifically with Years 10-11 


Miss Alexander (SEND Lead) supports students in their transition from primary to secondary school and throughout their journey in Years 7, 8 and 9. Miss Alexander is a key point of contact for parents and carers 


Dr Sackville-Ford (Trust Director of Inclusion) oversees the progress of students with SEND across the Trust and ensures that all staff recognise and respond to their duty to support young people with SEND. This involves ensuring that staff have the right training and knowledge and that we have the right provision in place to support our students. 

The SEND leadership team can be contacted at