Meet your teachers

Mrs Lambert

Assistant Head of School and Teacher of Languages

Mrs Lambert studied Spanish, French and Marketing at Salford University. Before she came into teaching, she worked across the world using her languages as part of an aviation company. She taught for 10 years at Cheadle Hulme High School prior to joining Laurus Ryecroft.

She enjoys helping students to find their voice in a new language and become confident communicators. She also loves helping students find out all about the exciting culture and history of the Spanish speaking world.

Mr Carling

Assistant Head of School and Teacher of History

Mr Carling studied History at Sunderland University and has a Master’s degree in Education from Manchester Metropolitan University. He joined Laurus Ryecroft as Assistant Headteacher from a South Manchester school, where he had built up many years’ experience in a variety of roles of responsibility including Head of House, Head of Year, Assistant Head of Behaviour and Assistant Head of Pupil Progress.

He relishes meeting new students and exploring History together. He believes that studying History is incredibly important as it allows us to understand our past and how cultural, social and societal values developed, which in turn helps us to understand our present. Students at Laurus Ryecroft are encouraged to want to know how and why our world is the way it is today and to do this we have to look to history for answers.

Mr Booth

Head of Humanities

Mr Booth graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2011 with a degree in Geography. He commenced his sixth year in teaching upon starting at Laurus Ryecroft, having previously taught at two outstanding schools in Greater Manchester and Worcestershire. He enjoys teaching humanities in order to enhance students’ understanding of the world in which they live. He believes this gives students the cultural literacy they require to go on and live a successful life beyond the classroom.

Miss Clifton

Head of Science

Miss Clifton studied Biology at Durham University before completing her PGCE, and more recently, her Master’s in Education here in Manchester. Miss Clifton has been teaching Science at schools in the North West for the past 10 years prior to joining Laurus Ryecroft.

Miss Clifton fully believes that Science is for everyone as it is such a broad subject which has so many fascinating areas to explore. She enjoys enabling students at Laurus Ryecroft to discover their own passion for Science.

Mr Haslam

Trust Director of Physical Education and Sport

Mr Haslam studied Sport Science and Business at Liverpool John Moores University, gaining a first class honours degree before completing his PGCE at the same institute. Mr Haslam spent three years at a school in Macclesfield before becoming Head of Boys PE at Cheadle Hulme High School. In June 2017, Mr Haslam was appointed as Director of PE and Sport across the Laurus Trust. In September 2017, he successfully completed his Master’s degree in education.

Mr Haslam enthuses Ryecroft students with his love of sport. He aims to develop pupils physically and mentally in order for them to reach their full potential.

Miss Iwantschak

Head of English

Miss Iwantschak studied English and History at the University of York before completing her PGCE and Master’s at the University of Manchester. She initially taught in Tameside and then in an international school in Madrid. She taught at Cheadle Hulme High School for three years before moving to Laurus Ryecroft.

There is nothing Miss Iwantschak loves more than a good book and is fascinated by stories, texts and poems. She loves to share them with the students at Laurus Ryecroft. She always aims to encourage the creativity of every student and help them find their creative voices through their writing.

Mr Lassandro 

Teacher of English

After graduating from the University of Manchester with a degree in English Literature, Mr Lassandro spent two years as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) in a Tameside school before training with the Altius Alliance at Cheadle Hulme High School to gain his PGCE. Since then he worked as a Teacher of English at CHHS and was very excited too return to Tameside to help establish Laurus Ryecroft.

An avid reader, Mr Lassandro loves to share his passion and specialist knowledge with students to help kindle a love of literature and spark creativity in the classroom in studying the richness of the English language.

Mr Lassandro is also passionate about all things drama and theatre and he is a keen member of the local amateur dramatic scene. He established extra-curricular drama activities at Laurus Ryecroft and encourages students to develop an appreciation, talent and love for all things theatrical.

Mr Merrett 

Teacher of Languages

Mr Merrett studied Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge and subsequently gained a Master’s degree at the London School of Economics. He worked for over 10 years in campaigning and communications roles in the UK and European Parliaments and in the Trade Union movement, before joining the Laurus Trust as an Associate Teacher in September 2017. He is looking forward to helping students at Laurus Ryecroft become confident, articulate speakers with broad perspectives – both in Spanish and more widely across the curriculum.

Mr Roberts-Harry

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Roberts-Harry studied Classics at Oxford University before working for an intellectual property law firm in London. His passion for academia led him to teaching, and to Laurus Ryecroft.

Mr Roberts-Harry believes that mathematical reasoning is a learned skill and not an innate talent. He is eager to help all students in their development to become critical and analytical thinkers.

As a keen sportsman, Mr Roberts-Harry recognises the importance of extra-curricular pursuits, and encourages students to get involved in clubs and societies on joining the school.

Miss Taylor

Head of Mathematics

Miss Taylor studied Mathematics and Education at Loughborough University. She has taught for 21 years at two schools in Stockport prior to joining Laurus Ryecroft.

She loves helping students to unlock their mathematical potential and find out what works for them to learn best. She believes that maths is like a gigantic puzzle, a puzzle that we can all attempt and aim to solve.

Miss Warrington

Trust Director of SEND

Miss Warrington has a deep-rooted commitment to ensuring that students with SEND have an equal opportunity to become the best they can be, academically, socially and emotionally. Within each school in our Trust, she engenders an ethos of inclusion, supporting staff to recognise the individual needs of our students, and to differentiate their approach in order to remove potential barriers to learning.

Miss Warrington had 12 years of experience working with students with SEND in a broad range of roles, before joining the Laurus Trust in September 2017 as Trust Director of SEND. She has established an excellent reputation for supporting students with complex needs within a mainstream environment, and has been commissioned to work alongside local authorities to support schools in the wider local area, at a strategic level.

Miss Warrington is highly experienced in delivering training and support to school staff, to ensure their knowledge and expertise in relation to SEND is appropriate to the needs of our students. She is a qualified Mathematics teacher with a vast amount of experience in developing numeracy and literacy intervention programmes at a schoolwide level, which have had a demonstrable impact on pupil progress and attainment.

Mr Royle

Teacher of Creative Design

Mr. Royle graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with First Class Honours in International Clothing Technology and Design. He subsequently worked in the fashion industry and most recently worked in footwear technology for a leading online fashion retailer in London. Having completed his PGCE with Distinction, he worked as a teacher for a South Manchester school before joining Laurus Ryecroft as Teacher of Creative Design.

Mr. Royle believes in the importance of Creative Design. The UK’s creative industry is thriving and there is no better time to pursue a career in this field. From the clothes we wear to the chairs we sit on, creative design is at the forefront of our everyday lives. Every student has the potential to be highly creative.