Meet your teachers

Mr Carling

Head of School 

Mr Carling was Deputy Headteacher at Laurus Ryecroft before taking on the role as Head of School in January 2024.

Prior to joining Laurus Ryecroft, Mr Carling worked at a South Manchester secondary school and has over ten years’ experience in senior leadership roles. Originally from Newcastle, he studied History at Sunderland University and went on to achieve a Master’s degree in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Mr Carling is extremely proud to work at Laurus Ryecroft having been with the school since it first opened and is passionate about supporting students to help them to achieve their potential and open the door to the future of their choice. He has also completed a National Professional Qualification in Headship and relishes the opportunity to continue building the strong community at Laurus Ryecroft.

Mr Davidson

Deputy Head of School

​Mr Davidson graduated from Manchester University in 2006 with a BA (Hons) in Business and Economics, before completing a PGCE at the same institution. He has worked in a range of school contexts and experienced a variety of roles throughout his career which have focused on achievement, behaviour and pastoral care and effective teaching and learning. He is committed to creating the best possible opportunities for his students to succeed and firmly believes in the importance of a rigorous and consistent approach to school discipline. Mr Davidson is passionate about enabling students to develop a love of learning that will support them as they take their next steps in life.

Ms Clifton

Deputy Head of School 

Ms Clifton studied Biology at Durham University before completing her PGCE and her MA (Ed) here in Manchester; she is currently studying to become a Doctor of Education.

Ms Clifton has been teaching Science at schools in the North West for over 15 years. She joined Laurus Ryecroft when it opened and is proud to have been part of the school’s journey so far. Ms Clifton loves learning and enjoys enabling students at Laurus Ryecroft to discover their own passion for learning.

Ms Iwantschak
Assistant Head of School 

Ms Iwantschak studied English and History at the University of York before completing her PGCE and MA in Education at the University of Manchester.

At the heart of the English curriculum are stories from across history and from around the world and Ms Iwantschak relishes exploring these with students.

She is passionate that students at Laurus Ryecroft are supported in honing their reading, writing and oracy skills both within English and across the curriculum to ensure they can express themselves with confidence and eloquence.

Miss Bridge

Assistant Head of School 

Miss Bridge graduated from the University of Salford in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in Journalism & Broadcasting. After this, she enjoyed a professional music career before completing a PGDE in 2012. Since then, Miss Bridge has worked in several schools but spent most of her career at Hazel Grove High School with a variety of responsibilities including Subject Lead for Media, Assistant Director of Sixth Form and Head of House.

She joined Laurus Ryecroft in September 2021 as Assistant Headteacher and completed a Masters in Education in June 2022.

Miss Bridge is extremely passionate about social justice and believes that social mobility embraces all types of inequality and disadvantage. She is a firm believer that all students have the right to a quality education and should be appropriately guided to make aspirational decisions for their future.

Mr Lancaster

Assistant Head of School 

Mr Lancaster studied physical education and secondary education at Brunel University London before graduating in 2011. He has worked in several schools and has had experience of a number of roles across the trust including Head of House and Assistant Headteacher.

Mr Lancaster believes the role of PE and physical activity is imperative in young peoples’ lives for both their physical and mental health, and he strives to equip students with the knowledge and skills they require to become lifelong learners in the subject.

He is passionate about ensuring students thrive at school, leaving with many options available to them and is very much looking forward to working with students at Laurus Ryecroft.

Mr Herring

Assistant Head of School 

Mr Herring studied Economics at Leeds University before completing a Mathematics PGCE at Manchester Metropolitan University.  He has previously been the Head of Maths at two schools in Manchester, during which time he was also appointed as a Specialist Leader in Education.

Mr Herring is passionate about the use of maths in context and realistic maths to support understanding and mathematical reasoning.  He believes that all students should get the opportunity to understand the maths they do through accessible and engaging problems.

Ms Evans

Assistant Head of School 

Ms Evans studied Mathematics at the University of Manchester, beginning her PGCE the same year. Ms Evans worked at Cheadle Hulme High School, as a Mathematics teacher, before moving overseas.

Whilst working overseas, Ms Evans completed a Master’s degree in education and gained experience within a number of pastoral roles.

Ms Evans joined Laurus Ryecroft in September 2019 and is extremely proud to be able to work with such hardworking and resilient students. Ms Evans believes all students deserve the right to be part of a supportive school environment, where students are encouraged to reach their potential, in all aspects.

Ms Gill

Head of English

Ms Gill studied English at the University of Hull before completing teacher training through Sheffield Hallam University. She joined Laurus Ryecroft in 2020 and is currently completing her Masters in Education through Manchester Metropolitan University. 

She is passionate about the power of language and the written word, and believes that developing knowledge and skills in these areas allows students, not only to express their ideas articulately, but to open the door to the future of their choice. 

Mrs Tighe

Head of Science

Mrs Tighe studied Master of Pharmacy at The University of Manchester and qualified as a Pharmacist in 2012, working in Community Pharmacy. However, teaching has always been her passion, so went on to complete her PGCE and Master of Education at The University of Cambridge (Homerton College).  

Mrs Tighe taught Science for 8 years in schools both in the North West and in Leicestershire, before joining Laurus Ryecroft in 2021.  

She strongly believes that all students should have the opportunity to learn about Science, so they can understand the world around them and enjoys seeing student’s curiosity and questioning deepen when they realise there is so much we still do not know, and so much to still discover in the world of science!  

Miss Clifford

Head of Maths

Miss Clifford studied Maths at Northumbria University in Newcastle before completing her teacher training at the University of Manchester. Following this, she joined the Laurus Trust (2015) and moved to Laurus Ryecroft as Head of Maths in 2022.

Miss Clifford believes that maths and the problem solving within maths lessons is useful for all students in order to support them with the future of their choice. The students here are always enthusiastic and want to take part in good discussions in order to further their learning in maths.

Miss Marin


Miss Marin graduated from The University of Manchester with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology before completing her PGCE and Master in Inclusive Education and Special Educational Needs at Manchester Metropolitan University.

She is currently completing the National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators. Having previously worked in other schools in the Laurus Trust, Miss Marin joined Laurus Ryecroft in September 2022 as SENDCo. This role allows Miss Marin to fulfil her passion to help students with additional needs to succeed and develop. At Laurus Ryecroft, she oversees the SEND provision for KS4 and KS5.

Miss Alexander


Miss Alexander is extremely passionate about ensuring every student, regardless of ability, has the chance to succeed. She believes it is important that students with SEND receive equal opportunities to allow them to develop academically, socially and emotionally by providing an inclusive environment that develops confidence and resilience.

Her role as the SEND Lead is to support staff to recognise and cater for the individual needs of the students, enabling them to fully access the curriculum through differentiation and support in and out of the classroom.

Miss Alexander is a qualified dance teacher and has many years of experience working with young people of all ages.

Mr Roberts


Mr Roberts graduated from the University of Manchester in 2016, studying Ancient History and Archaeology. He returned to the same university in 2017, receiving an MA in History. Mr Roberts specialised in this subject as a trainee teacher, completing placements at Cheadle Hulme High School and Laurus Ryecroft whilst studying for his PGCE with Manchester Metropolitan University. Joining Cheadle Hulme High School’s SEND department in 2022, Mr Roberts transferred his classroom experience to supporting a range of students across the curriculum.

Returning to Laurus Ryecroft as SEND Lead for Year 7 and 8, Mr Roberts is committed to identifying and addressing barriers to education. He believes that meaningful collaboration between the SEND team, the whole school and the community is essential, and he is passionate about developing his and his colleagues’ knowledge of our students and how to best support them.