Laurus Ryecroft is excited to announce for the first time in its history – Heads of each House.

Fortius – Mr Booth (pictured with with House Captain Alex)

Altius – Mr Staniforth (with House Captain Esther)

Magnus – Mrs Evans (with House Captain Gracie)

Citius – Mrs Beswick (with House Captain Amy)

Students are assigned to a House ‘vertically’ so that Years 7-11 will be present in each House.

The House system is primarily designed so that the Heads of House can track the academic progress of the students in their House, organising interventions when they are needed.

Through the House system, students participate in a wide variety of House activities, ranging from competitions in lessons to Sports Days. They are able to earn points for themselves and their House. Points are counted each half term and the winning House flag is hoisted on the flagpole and remains there for the following half term.

This year each house will be focusing on raising money for a charity they have picked. Altius – Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Citius – Cancer Research UK, Fortius – Crisis and Magnus – Willow Wood Hospice.

A mention also has to go to our Tutor and Sports Captains who have been delegated leadership roles around the school.