Laurus Ryecroft celebrated British Science Week between the 14th and 18th of March. Over the week, there were lots of different activities such as a Space Scavenger Hunt, Growing Microorganisms and learning about Kitchen Chemistry. However, there were two main events that stole the show: the House Science Competition and Oreo and Friends Animal Encounters.


The House Science Competition was incredibly exciting, where some of the school’s top science pupils from year 7, 8, 9 and 10 went head-to-head in the auditorium at lunchtime trying to win as many points as possible in the competition. After four rounds of the competition, it was a tie between Fortius and Altius, so our Captains and Vice-Captains went head-to-head to see who was going to come out the winner. Well done Altius on winning the House Science cup for this year!


Year 7 pupils entered a Fact File competition to win a place to meet Oreo and his friends. On Friday, the pupils got to meet a range of different animals including a cobra snake, an armadillo and a tarantula. The pupils had a fantastic morning learning about lots of interesting facts about these animals, about their habitats and their place in the food chain. Lots of staff also got involved in the morning and it was a great experience had by all.