Before the long summer break commences, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about the value we place on reading and literacy. This is a school where all our staff value reading because we understand that reading is imperative to success in every subject. We know that as students get older, other interests can take over and that students can fall out of the habit of reading. However, we also know that reading is too beneficial and too important to opt out of. Therefore, we are launching a new reading initiative before the summer in preparation for September.

How the project will work: 

We have created an academic book list for each year group, which contains a list of children’s and young adult literature and which will complement what students are being taught in lessons. Please be aware that Young Adult books may contain mature subject matter that is unsuitable for some readers. We recommend that parents preview books beforehand to ensure their suitability. In fact, we’d highly recommend it; sharing a book with your child is the best way to help them progress with their reading.

From September, students will be able to complete an online quiz to demonstrate that they have read each book. Through successfully completing these quizzes, they can earn the following library star badges:

  • Bronze: 1 Booklist book
  • Silver: 3 Booklist books
  • Gold: 5 Booklist books
If you’re starting at Ryecroft in September, you can find the Year 7 list here.
If you’re moving up to:
    • Year 8, find your list here
    • Year 9, find your list here
    • Year 10, find your list here

Research suggests long breaks from the formal school routine of learning, such as the summer holidays, can contribute to a dip in progress when students return to school, especially when it comes to reading and literacy. Here at Laurus Ryecroft we actively encourage our students to spend at least ten minutes a day reading over the holidays.

Reading not only assists our students academically and sets them up for the future of their choice, but it is also good for their mental health and ability to concentrate, and enables them to access the world around them. A trip to the local library can really broaden youngsters’ horizons.

We are keen to ensure all our current – and future – students read over the summer break and we have compiled age-appropriate suggested reading lists to guide families.