We are pleased to announce the winners of the prestigious Laurus Ryecroft Artist of the Year 2022.

There were so many great entries it was difficult to choose a winner for each year group.

After much deliberation, the winners were selected…

Year 7
1st place: Lucy (Altius)
a pencil drawing of Johnny Depp

Year 8
1st place: Romy (Citius)
A collage of Halt O'Carrick from The Ruins of Gorlan

Year 9
1st place: Macy (Magnus)
A pencil sketch of a black and white skeleton with a bright red heart

Year 10
1st place: Emma (Fortius)

an abstract piece. A lion's face surrounded by flowers that could be a mane


Students were awarded house points for their entries.

House Totals
Fortius: 44 house points
Citius: 41 house points
Magnus: 40 house points
Altius: 33 house points

Congratulations to our winning students, and to Fortius – the House with the highest points total!