On Thursday 8th February, Year 10 students from Laurus Ryecroft had the opportunity to visit the University of Liverpool to learn about the possibilities of higher education and discover life at university.

The trip was organised to inspire and inform students about their future options.

Arriving at the university, students were welcomed by friendly student ambassadors who gave them a tour of some of the facilities and resources available on campus.

During the tour, they saw the Student Union, the gym and the School of Engineering, where they got to see four flight simulators!

The student ambassadors also held a Q&A where they answered questions about university life, sharing their own experiences and offering advice.

By talking to the ambassadors, Year 10 gained valuable insights into what it takes to succeed at university and what opportunities and challenges await them.

One of the highlights of the day was ‘Science is Cool’ – a university-style lecture delivered by the Department of Physics.

Laurus Ryecroft students on stage at the University of Liverpool

During the lecture, they got to see the effects of liquid nitrogen through live demonstrations.

Some students even got up on stage to take part, smashing frozen rubber and flowers with a mallet!

A student from Laurus Ryecroft takes part in an experiment at the University of Liverpool


The trip was a great success and students enjoyed getting involved in learning about life at university.

Thank you to the University of Liverpool and their student ambassadors for their hospitality and support!

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