Year 8 Parents’ Consultation Evenings will run on two dates: Thursday 30th January and Thursday 6th February. Both evenings will run from 4.30pm-7.30pm.

Thursday, 30th January will be for students in Personal Tutor Groups 8JS/ 8PR / 8DR.

Thursday, 6th February will be for students in Personal Tutor Groups 8SL/ 8KM / 8MO.

On both evenings you will have an opportunity to talk to all your son/daughter’s subject teachers. Our Head of Year 8, Miss Pryce, will also be available.

From next week, students will be asked to make appointment slots with each of their teachers for their allotted evening. Please advise your son/daughter roughly what times you would like so that they can make appropriate appointments.

Please note – ALL electives will be cancelled on these two dates.